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Indy man asking for help locating his stolen food truck

INDIANAPOLIS — Joshua Arnold has loved cooking his whole life.

“I make everything with love and passion, and it really shows in my food,” said Arnold.

His specialty is tacos. He has worked hard to perfect his craft and eventually started his own taco truck. With the food truck, he is able to cater special events.

“Seeing people enjoy my food and watching people smile when they take that bite is really what does it for me,” said Arnold.

He’s had the truck for less than a year. When it’s not in use, he keeps it at a storage facility in Lawrence. However, on Thursday he said the bright red truck with a “G” on the side was nowhere in sight.

It had been stolen from the storage facility.

Credit: Joshua Arnold

The food truck belonging to Joshua Arnold before it was stolen from a storage facility.

“Just to have something as large and inconspicuous gone without a trace is just absolutely baffling to me,” said Arnold.

The truck worth roughly $35,000 and was a dream fulfilled for his family.

“It’s personal. It has my stuff. We worked hard for it, and we earned it, and we are trying to make a living off of it and make a better life for everyone around me,” said Arnold. 

Now they’re asking the community to be on the lookout and help them get it back.

“We all need each other. One way or another we all have to eat. We all have to support each other and take care of our family. It starts in the community and starts with our neighbors and goes from there,” said Arnold.

Credit: Joshua Arnold

Joshua Arnold’s food truck serving customers before it was stolen in late January 2024.

Arnold plans to continue to do catering events, just without the truck for the time being.

Anyone with information about the location of the taco truck, is asked to contact Lawrence Police or send a message to Arnold through his business’ Facebook page.

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