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VinFast offers massive lease discount in hopes of boosting U.S. sales

Vinfasts’ VF 8 has had a rough start to the U.S. market, facing several difficulties and negative reviews. However, the EV manufacturer has recently reduced the car’s lease price, making it one of the most affordable new cars to lease in the U.S.

Before, customers were able to lease the VF 8 by making an upfront payment of $4,594 and paying $399 per month for 36 months. This brought the total monthly leasing cost to $527. But, with a new offer that expires on January 31, you can now lease the vehicle for just $249 per month for 36 months, requiring only $944 at signing.

Given the sharp price decrease of the VF 8, it is highly likely that VinFast is trying to boost sales even if the company hasn’t provided a formal explanation. While the brand brought nearly 3,000 cars into the United States at the start of 2023, sales proved difficult. According to Experian statistics, 128 VF 8s were registered between January and May 2023.

Furthermore, the EV maker intends to improve its poor sales with more than just price reductions. The business declared last year that it would give American owners $100 for any problem that annoys them but doesn’t affect how the car is used. If a problem takes more than three days to resolve, consumers will receive an additional $100 every day that VinFast services their vehicle. If an issue renders the VF 8 useless, the business will reimburse owners $300.

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