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Why major car manufacturers are slowing production of electric vehicles

Jessica Caldwell:

Yes, I mean, I think that was an interesting deal, because I think, when you think about short-term ownership or short-term rental for an E.V., it’s a bit challenging, because you’re asking people to have a completely different relationship with their vehicles.

So, if you’re not going to have this car forever or it is brand-new to you, you may not know where to charge it. You may not be set up to do charging all the time where you live, because it’s like, if this is a temporary thing, you’re not going to necessarily invest the money.

So I think that could be some of the issues too. And I know they complained a lot about repair causes, particularly to batteries. And I think a part of it again is going to a new technology. Not everyone is feeling comfortable perhaps fixing batteries. And maybe we’re hearing that the vehicles are just being scrapped instead, which feels very wasteful.

But it’s like you’re also hearing that batteries are causing fires. And I could see if you are a repair shop, maybe you just don’t want to take that risk.

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