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The BMW Vision Neue Klasse Concept Shows Us What the Future of Car Tech Looks Like |

If the production car maintains the vibe of the Vision concept, the next generation of BMWs could look very different from the ones currently on the road. And for buyers turned off by BMW’s current design ethos, that’s probably a very good thing.

iDrive gets an overhaul

Say what you want about BMW design (and we know you will), the company’s in-cabin tech has evolved by leaps and bounds since it debuted the iDrive infotainment system in the mid-2000s. Just like it did with the original center console knob, BMW is trying to pioneer a new direction for infotainment control with the Neue Klasse’s iDrive system. Just like the car itself, the infotainment is still in concept form, but BMW reps were not shy in giving plenty of hints that it’s very close to the real thing. The means what you see here could be on the road in less than two years.

Gone is the double-display setup that occupies most BMWs today. There’s no traditional instrument display on the dashboard — like the Tesla Model 3, there’s only a single central touchscreen. At least, there only appears to be one screen. The hallmark feature is something BMW calls Panoramic Vision, a narrow display that runs the entirety of the dash and projects onto the lower portion of the windshield.

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