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Ford Bronco Electric (2029?)

ford electric bronco

Okay, we’re a bit into the realm of conjecture here, but given the fact that a) the new Bronco is already a massive hit for Ford, b) FoMoCo has vowed to go heavily into electric mobility over the next decade, and c) the company showed off the above conceptual image of a “theoretical” EV SUV in a 2021 presentation, it seems pretty much like a lock that a Bronco EV will happen sooner or later.

But the latest reporting has it arriving later. An AutoForecastSolutions projection does not have the electric Bronco entering production until late 2029.

Toyota Land Cruiser EV (2030?)

toyota land cruiser

Toyota unveiled a Land Cruiser Se concept that previews an electric Land Cruiser SUV. It’s a unibody vehicle with “elegant, stylish” design and a “high torque,” off-road capable driving experience.

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