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5 Used EVs That Could Qualify For Tax Credits In 2024 – SlashGear

Before we had the Tesla Model 3 as the EV for the masses, we had the Nissan Leaf. On paper, the Nissan Leaf is affordable if you buy it new, starting at just $28,140 for the base model. However, you can get a slightly used higher-spec option for less than $25,000—saving you $3,000 right out of the gate. And if you consider the additional $4,000 Federal Tax Credit if the used Nissan Leaf you buy qualifies for the incentive, you save $7,000 in total—and you get a nicer interior to boot.

Furthermore, the base model Leaf only has a paltry 149-mile range. It might be good enough for city driving, but if you plan to take longer trips, you’ll have to choose the Nissan Leaf SV Plus, which has a 212-mile range. The SV Plus starts at over $36,000, though, making it substantially more expensive than the base model.

That’s why a used 2022 Nissan Leaf SV Plus looks like a great deal. You get almost the same range as a brand-new Leaf but at a steep discount. This certified pre-owned 2021 Nissan Leaf SV Plus on Cars.com only has a little over 10,000 miles, and its battery range score is still at 99%, meaning the car is almost as good as new.

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