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Smith County’s largest free car show held at Colonial Hills Baptist Church

TYLER, Texas (KETK) – Hundreds of people gathered at at Colonial Hills Baptist Church on Sunday for Smith County’s largest free car show.

Old Chevrolet trucks, 1966 GTO’s and even newer cars like Lamborghinis parked all together as a unique way to bring more people out to the church.

“I think the biggest thing is, the community inside of our church has been different, because it’s a unorthodox way of reaching the community here,” said Johnny Burchfield, leader of the men’s ministry at Colonial Hills Baptist Church. “We’re not going and knocking on doors, we’re not what a lot of people would stereotypically think of ministry. Instead, we’re inviting them to come to us and so that’s affected our church in a lot of ways.”

East Texans who attended the show got to listen to 50’s music and eat BBQ prepared by members of Colonial Hills Baptist Church.

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