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2026 Next-Gen Mazda MX-5 Miata: It Will Be Electrified

Mazda has confirmed the next-generation 2026 MX-5 Miata will be electrified. But the automaker stopped short of saying what form the electrification will take—fully EV, hybrid, or plug-in hybrid. Mazda’s entire lineup is slated to go at least partially electric by 2030, which means if the next-gen Miata is to survive past then—and we certainly hope it does—this is a necessary step in the legendary sports car’s evolution.

The Mazda Miata has a long, well-earned reputation as a fun, affordable roadster with fantastic driving dynamics, and an electrified model would keep it viable well into the future. With Mazda taking its time to develop EVs, the Japanese automaker will likely introduce a hybrid or plug-in hybrid Miata before developing an all-electric variant. Mazda’s Vision Study Model, a stunning sports car shown at the end of last year, could be a preview to the electric Miata, though it’s more likely to simply donate stylistic influences to the production car.

Mazda said it will work with Rohm Co. to develop electric powertrains, and it signed an agreement with Envision AESC to develop batteries. Although these contracts could impact the next-generation Miata, a hybrid version of the roadster makes more sense. The Miata’s small footprint could make it difficult to package a battery with sufficient range, as the heavy battery pack would hurt performance, and pure EV hardware would likely mean a large hike in price. Mazda could also work with another automaker to develop the platform, splitting its costs to keep the car affordable à la BMW Z4 and Toyota Supra.

Mazda will attempt to hold the line on keeping the Miata from becoming too expensive, but given the advanced powertrain and other enhancements, a price in the neighborhood of $33,000 seems reasonable.

We believe we’ll see the next MX-5 in time for the summer of 2025 top-down driving season as a 2026 model year vehicle.

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