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2025 Chevrolet Camaro Z/28 Will Be the Last of a Legendary Line

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From the May 2023 issue of Car and Driver.

What It Is

The last Camaro before Chevy replaces it with an EV. This track-focused version is the spiritual successor to the fifth-generation Z/28.

Why It Matters

Among never-ending bar arguments over cars, none is more heated than Camaro versus Mustang. It’s as American a rivalry as Ohio State versus Michigan, Cowboys versus Eagles, or “Tastes great!” versus “Less filling!” After this Camaro, though, the debate may die out.


Like the current Camaro, the Z/28 rides on GM’s longitudinal-engine Alpha platform. The chassis will get spool-valve dampers from Multimatic and carbon-ceramic rotors and calipers from Brembo. Any and all fat will be trimmed. Massive R-comp tires will offer race-car-like grip.


We’re hoping for a version of the 670-hp LT6 from the Corvette Z06, which here will be choked a bit to produce only 650 horsepower. Which is fine. We’d probably take a 600-hp LT6 if we could get it with a six-speed manual transmission.


Any number of scatty Dodge Challenger models, Ford Mustang Dark Horse, Porsche 718 GT4 RS (though it’ll likely hang with the GT3 RS on track).

What Might Go Wrong

The plug could be pulled at any second. The last Z/28 didn’t fly off dealer lots, but its status as a durable track toy is practically legendary at this point. The radio and A/C delete won’t be offered this time, and the car will likely come only one way to streamline production. Chevy will build a predetermined number (think 1000 or fewer) and kick itself if it builds too many.

Estimated Arrival and Price

Chevrolet has said that Camaro production will end in 2024, and the Z/28s will be the last off the line, with deliveries starting next fall.

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