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Renault: Andretti engine talks won’t resume until it gains F1 entry

The French manufacturer originally had a pre-contract with Andretti for a supply of power units when it first looked at making it onto the grid.

However, that deal lapsed last year and there is currently no formal arrangement with Andretti while it ponders its next steps following FOM’s rejections of its plans last week.

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It is understood that Renault remains Andretti’s preferred option for a customer deal if it gets the go-ahead from 2026, prior to it forming any works relationship with Cadillac’s own operation as could happen from 2028.

However, Renault has made it clear that until Andretti gets as far as securing an official entry, then there will be no point in discussing the matter.

Asked by Motorsport.com about the engine situation with Andretti, Alpine VP of motorsport Bruno Famin said at his team’s 2024 car launch: “We had a pre-contract and after nothing happened.

“But it was related to the [condition] for Andretti to have this entry. For the time being, they have no entry.

“I read, like you, what FOM said about 2028. Let’s see what will be the future after that.”

Bruno Famin, VP Alpine Motorsports

Bruno Famin, VP Alpine Motorsports

Photo by: Alpine

Pushed on whether talks had resumed in recent weeks, with the FIA having stated last year it was satisfied Andretti could compete in F1, Famin said: “No, since FOM has given [its] answer. I have had no discussions at all.”

While FOM issued a statement last week declaring a raft of reasons why it did not think Andretti deserved a spot in F1, Famin says Alpine’s own position remains the same.

“We were very happy about having an 11th team in F1 if they bring real added value to the championship,” he said.

“It was for FOM to evaluate what was the added value of that project. They made the analysis; they give their answer. They are the ones who decided, and we are happy with that.

“But I think it’s a case-by-case basis. It’s not a general position again. If F1 says one day that an 11th team can bring a lot of added value to the championship, we will be very happy with that.”

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