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Einride partners with Heineken to support electric trucks moving precious beer through

Einride has announced it is helping world-renowned brewery Heineken electrify its freight operations between the Netherlands and Germany. Heineken put several electric trucks into operation last month as it looks to deploy Einride’s entire ecosystem across its fleet operations in the future.

Einride is an eight-year-old commercial EV startup that continues to hit Electrek’s homepage with news of its expansion beyond Sweden where it was founded. During its tenure, the developer of all-electric trucks, fleet management software, and autonomous vehicles has established a New York headquarters and since begun commercial fleet operations in the US with GE Appliances.

Across the pond, Einride has begun operations in Germany and the UK and is in the process of bringing all-electric commercial freight to the United Arab Emirates (UAE). Current commercial customers include Beyond Meat and Maersk, to name a couple.

Today, Einride announced that its latest partner is Dutch brewery Heineken, and its electric trucks are already helping transport truckloads of beer into Germany on a daily basis.

  • Heineken electric trucks
  • Heineken electric trucks

Heineken deploys electric trucks with Einride tech

Per details from Einride today, it has partnered with Heineken to introduce electric trucks to deliver beer across borders from the Den Bosch brewery in the Netherlands to the Duisberg distribution center in Germany.

The electric truck deployment is expected to save about 930 tons of C0² emissions per year as Heineken works to achieve net-zero carbon emissions across its value chain by 2040. Heineken’s Director of Strategic Sourcing Supply Chain Arjen van der Woude spoke to the partnership:

Decarbonization of logistics will play a key role in achieving HEINEKEN’s net-zero commitments. At this stage, battery electric is one of the best-positioned technologies to decarbonize road freight. Einride has the knowledge, network and experience to offer long-term end-to-end electric freight capacity services at competitive conditions. Their capability to bind OEMs, transportation companies, carriers, drivers, and authorities together to smoothly organize logistics in critical parts of our network makes them a great partner.

Einride shared that phase one of the electric truck deployment is already underway and began with an initial fleet of 5 Mercedes eActros 300 trucks, developed by Einride, which will combine to transport ten full truck loads (~540 km or 336 mi per truck) per day.

Einride’s proprietary Saga platform will help Heineken optimize its truck routes, minimize energy consumption, and monitor emission reductions. Einride’s General Manager EMEA Robert Ziegler also spoke:

At Einride, with a highly ambitious, sustainable-driven team, we see Heineken as an ideal partner on a clearly defined path to reduce emissions. As Heineken’s actions towards net-zero span across the entire value chain, we are happy to help them achieve this goal by joining forces on a cross-border electrification journey.

Looking ahead, Einride says it will continue to work with Heineken to deploy more electric trucks and assist in developing and installing necessary charging infrastructure to reduce emissions across business borders further.

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