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VW workers seek to unionize, Honda ups profit forecast, Hyundai sues over new dealership

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Karl Brauer joins Inside Automotive to share his insights into the difficulties facing Tesla after its earnings disappointed investors.Are the tables turning on Tesla? — Karl Brauer | iSeeCars.com
Tesla broke sales records in 2023 but struggled to maintain profits as a series of aggressive price cuts failed to spur adequate demand. With the company’s fourth-quarter earnings dropping 40% from the year before and its increasingly controversial CEO Elon Musk expressing uncertainty toward the future, the brand is in an increasingly dire situation as it faces accelerating competition from other automakers in the electric vehicle segment. On this episode of Inside Automotive, host Jim Fitzpatrick is joined by Karl Brauer, executive analyst at iSeeCars.com. Watch full segment here.

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On February 6, a news release by the UAW revealed that most employees at Volkswagen AG's factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee.On February 6, a news release by the United Auto Workers (UAW) revealed that most employees at Volkswagen AG’s factory in Chattanooga, Tennessee, have registered to join the Detroit-based union. This announcement came less than two months after the UAW reported that 30% of VW employees in the United States had signed union authorization cards. Read More

Tesla has a history of layoffs, and its CEO, Elon Musk, is known for initiating them not just at the EV maker but at other companies like at XTesla may be gearing up for a round of layoffs, according to a recent Bloomberg reportAccording to those acquainted with the situation, U.S. supervisors recently had to evaluate their deputies’ roles visually. Some of the people said that after canceling some employees’ biannual performance reviews, Tesla sent out a single-line query for each job. Read More

Honda increased its annual profit expectations after seeing a notable improvement in year-over-year sales in the third quarter.Honda boosted its earnings forecast for the fiscal year ending March 31 after reporting impressive profitability improvements over its third quarter. The automaker now expects to generate roughly $8.4. billion in annual profits, up 4.2% from its previous target of $8 billion. Read More

Hyundai and a Massachusetts dealership are suing each other in federal court over the proximity of a planned storefront in Danvers.Hyundai is suing in federal court to open a new storefront in Danvers, Massachusetts after a nearby dealership complained that the move violated state regulations. The automaker originally planned to open McGovern Hyundai in mid-January. McGovern Automotive Group runs multiple outlets in Massachusetts, New York, and New Hampshire, including McGovern Hyundai of Brockton, roughly 50 miles south of Danvers. Read More

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Electric vehicles and other high tech cars are exciting to drive but can be expensive to repair, leading some insurers to hike premiums.Challenges in electric vehicle repairs and insurance
Last year, we witnessed all 10 of the top auto insurers in the U.S. raise rates by double digits. U.S. auto insurers had a tough time adjusting in 2023 as rate increases failed to keep up with jumps in claim frequency and severity. A report from S&P Global observed that increases in severe auto crashes have resulted in a rise in litigated claims, and severe weather and a surge in vehicle thefts resulted in higher losses in comprehensive coverage. Read More

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