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McCormick Place transitions from blank space to showroom floor for 2024 Chicago Auto Show

CHICAGO (CBS) — Ever wonder what goes into building a convention like the Chicago Auto Show? 

Here’s a behind-the-scenes look at McCormick Place from earlier this week, before most of the cars were even brought in, to show how the space goes from a giant concrete box to the showroom we can recognize.

“You come in, you can’t imagine the show being transformed. It is a metamorphosis. It’s basically a blank space,” said Jennifer Morand, General Manager of the Chicago Auto Show. 

The blank space she’s referencing is McCormick Place’s south building – the largest room in North America.

“The ability to fit all of the manufacture vehicles and display kits, the props in here is quite remarkable,” she said. 

They had to make the room even bigger just to fit it all in. 

“We expanded the back wall to fit the new, newly expanded Chicago drives electric track,” Morand said. 

That’s one of three indoor test tracks. 

“You kind of get a joy ride indoors, if you will,” Morand said.

Matched by another three outdoor test drives.

“That’s where people can actually jump behind the wheel and drive on city streets,” Morand said.

That is between checking out hundreds of models of the industry’s latest.

“The public and the attendees who are going to come out to see the show will be one of the first to see all the new vehicles that were just unveiled,” Morand said. 

From gas to electric, in an array of colors, across a gamut of price ranges.

“The auto show is a really great opportunity for people to come out and just to experience the vehicles and to learn about what’s new,” Morand said. 

The cars on the floor only make up for part of the new releases at this year’s show.

“We also have a new event that we’re hosting called the Automotive Career Day, and that’s going to feature a series of panelists and speakers networking just to educate young people about all of the different careers that are available to them in the automotive industry,” Morand said. 

They’ll also have some returning favorites, like their food drive and craft beer-tasting event. 

“It’s still not warm outside. So, it’s just a great time to take your family out, shake off the winter blues, come inside, come indoors, experience what’s new,” Morand said. 


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