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Property violations, road issues top list of non-emergency complaints in Nashville

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — More than one million non-emergency requests have been submitted to hubNashville since the portal was first launched just a little over six years ago.

The system, which was designed with the intention of giving Nashvillians an easy way access to the Metro Government, has quickly grown in popularity, with more than a dozen different types of non-emergency services available to locals via website, app or phone.

Through hubNashville, residents can request everything from help with storm damage to non-emergency police assistance and even make inquiries regarding transit services or spots to plant trees. However, within the past year, one particular issue has dominated hubNashville requests.

Based on data on service requests submitted through hubNashville between Feb. 13, 2024, and Jan. 1, 2023, property violations have been the most common request type, with 3,023 submissions still listed as “new” or “in progress.”

A little more than 1,000 of those requests involve issues with junk and debris on properties. The other half largely relate to cars parked on lawns, building or zoning code violations, dilapidated structures, tall grass and weeds, and construction noise violations.

Altogether, those issues make up nearly 80% of property violation requests. A small portion of people have also reported graffiti on private property, with 69 requests still in progress; and a few others have filed complaints related to short term rentals, with 45 requests still in progress.

Following property violations, issues with the city’s streets, roads and sidewalks are the next most common type of submission. Based on data on open service requests, the Metro Street Services Division currently has 1,417 submissions that are still in progress.

The division maintains over 2,200 miles of rights-of-way and 942 signalized intersections throughout Davidson County, and cares for regulatory signs on 276 miles of state highways.

When breaking those requests down, about half involve inquires related to sidewalks, traffic engineering or regulatory signs on roadways. There are currently 294 open submissions asking for a new regulatory sign on a roadway.

Meanwhile, 229 people have submitted requests asking for the Metro Government to perform a study at an intersection for parking issues or roadway markings, or to review an intersection for improvements regarding traffic flow.

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Another 198 requests regarding ADA access on sidewalks, damage to a sidewalk, or the need for a new sidewalk are listed as still in progress. The rest of hubNashville submissions involving the city’s roads are related to street lighting, potholes, paving requests and traffic calming.

A much smaller portion of open requests are related to public safety, with about 471 requests still in progress. Most of those submissions pertain to abandoned or improperly parked vehicles. Electric and water requests are the fourth most common, with 448 open requests.

A handful also fall into the “other Metro services and forms” category, with 254, or nearly 92%, of those submissions involving a request to either schedule a meeting or an event with the mayor.

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