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Acura returns to New York Auto Show, will show ZDX | Car News | Auto123

As the Toronto Auto Show gets underway this week, we learn that a major brand will be returning to the New York Auto Show this coming spring. Japanese automaker Acura confirmed its return earlier this week.

The occasion will be perfect for the company to present its first electric SUV to the North American press. The ZDX is the luxury version of the Honda Prologue we tested a few days ago (details to come when the embargo is lifted on that, on February 22).

Built on General Motors’ Ultium platform, the ZDX looks promising. We could describe to you how it drives, but that would be breaking the embargo on driving impressions of the Prologue. What we can expect, though, is a slightly more refined experience, given the logo adorning the ZDX’s grille.

A range of over 500 km will also be one of the vehicle’s strengths. In terms of power, Acura will be offering more powerful models, with the Prologue available in a single mechanical configuration delivering 288 hp. The ZDX has two variants, generating 340 and 500 hp.

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Photo: Acura

The Acura ZDX

Styling-wise, the model has a family resemblance, but it will offer something different, which is interesting for consumers.

We’ll come back to this when we attend the New York Auto Show at the end of March.

With car shows having a rocky time of it in recent years, it’s encouraging to see brands returning after being absent. We can only hope this trend continues.

For Acura, there was no hiding the level of enthusiasm: “We’re thrilled to be back at the New York Auto Show with our all-new ZDX electric SUV. With its stunning design, performance and technology, along with our full line-up of precision-built sedans and SUVs that we’re sure will energize crowds at the show in March,” said Emile Korkor, Acura’s VP of National Sales.

NYC show organizers have reason to smile as well: “It’s great to see Acura back at the show,” said Mark Schienberg, president of the New York Auto Show. “The automotive industry is becoming more and more competitive and, as a result, it’s increasingly important for companies to showcase their products at the New York Auto Show.”

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