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The Dodge Challenger Demon 170 is a remarkable car for many reasons. It was the final send-off for a legendary muscle car and offered power and performance for a price that we may never see again. Some of the more loyal customers who placed an order for the Demon 170 were offered a $30,000 Jailbreak option, allowing them to customize their cars with one of 40 select colors. One such customer upfitted their vehicle in the eye-catching Pink.

Panther Pink Dodge Challenger Demon 170: Details

The owner of this Demon 170 Jailbreak opted for Panther Pink, which was a distinctive shade that Dodge offered for the Challenger way back in the 1970s. Of course, the color won’t appeal to everyone. But there’s something about these brightly colored cars that makes Dodge muscle so iconic. On the one hand, if you purchase a 2024 Ford Mustang, you better like Blue. On the other, we have Dodge, which offered just about every color known to humankind at one point for its cars, and that’s pretty cool.

This bright pink Dodge Challenger Demon 170 is toned down just a bit with some of the blacked-out exterior features of the car, such as the black front splitter, which still dawns the yellow bumper guards, along with the center part of the hood, matte black roof, wheels, badges, and rear spoiler. It’s unclear what other colors Jailbreak Demon 170 buyers chose, but we’re sure they’re just as iconic as this one.

Each of these very rare one-of-one Dodge Challenger Demon 170s takes these muscle cars to another level. It was also an excellent way to reward long-time customers, though with the added price equal to that of another car, the option was quite the commitment. That’s not including whatever markups the dealership might throw onto the top of these cars, especially with their rarity.

All it’s missing are the pink splitter guards to match.

Panther Pink Dodge Challenger Demon 170

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