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1-of-150 Rimac Nevera Electrifies Toronto Auto Show

An exceptional and highly exclusive supercar with only 150 units built was the star of Media Day at the Canadian International AutoShow in Toronto today.

We’re of course talking about the €2 million Croatian electric missile called Rimac Nevera, which is making its first appearance at a Canadian auto show thanks to Toronto-based luxury car dealer Grand Touring Automobiles.

Named after the quick and mighty storms that form over the Mediterranean Sea and race over its homeland, the Nevera may not look as flashy or as extreme as some of its exotic Italian rivals, but it was meticulously designed and honed to maximize performance and efficiency, as evidenced by the active rear spoiler and extractor.

Photo: CIAS

According to Rimac, the highlight of this car is the 440-pound monocoque—the largest single piece of carbon fibre used in the auto industry. The greater portion of the massive, H-shaped, 120kWh battery is positioned behind the two-seat cockpit in a transverse layout.

Incidentally, the interior of the Nevera, which can be accessed by lifting a pair of shell-like scissor doors, features extensive use of topstitched leather and carbon fibre. Again, we’ve seen bolder designs in other supercars. There are three TFT displays including one for the driver, one for the passenger and another one in the middle for controlling audio, navigation, HVAC and other functions.

Photo: Rimac

Okay, enough about that, let’s go to the serious stuff. Each of the front wheels is driven by a 295-horsepower motor and those in the rear get a 644-horsepower motor, creating a total of 1,888 horsepower along with 1,741 lb-ft of torque. As a result, 0-100 km/h acceleration is achieved in 1.81 seconds (over a distance that’s approximately half a hockey rink) and the quarter mile is a matter of 8.25 seconds. These times were set last year when Rimac broke 23 speed records… in a single day.

It’s pretty awesome to have the Nevera right here in Toronto for the CIAS. The Car Guide even got the opportunity to speak with company founder and CEO Mate Rimac following the car’s introduction, so make sure to read our story coming up soon.

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