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10 Expected Features Of The 2025 Mazda RX-9

For decades now, Mazda have been churning out impressive sports cars that driving enthusiasts absolutely love to get behind the wheel of. Most notably are the 1990s RX-7 and 2000s RX-8, which are proper sports cars, produced alongside the entry-level MX-5 Miata.

While the diminutive roadster has been in production consistently for over 3 decades now, fans of the flagship models have been left waiting, as the RX-8 finished production back in 2012.

Let’s take a look then, at what we expect and predict what a 2025 replacement would be like, in the shape of a long-awaited RX-9 sports car.

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10 The RX-9 May Resemble The RX-Vision Concept

Mazda RX-Vision Concept Car parked red sports car

The RX-Vision concept was first unveiled at the Tokyo Motor Show back in 2015, which may surprise a few of you, given just how current and modern this design looks – no doubt thanks to Mazda’s KODO design philosophy, focussing on the soul of motion.

Little has been officially discussed since the release of this sleek concept, however it’s likely that an RX-9 release would be based upon the stunning lines of the RX-Vision.

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9 The RX-9 May Feature An Electric-Rotary Motor


Fans of Mazda’s sports car range will have surely been left disappointed following the release of the RX-Vision in 2015, will no production model following. In 2021 however, these fans were given another glimmer of hope, when Mazda applied for a particular patent.

This patent was for an electrified rotary engine, potentially hinting at a possible future powerplant, that could power a 2025 RX-9 production model. Previous RX models were all quite famously powered by a rotary unit, so it’s only to be expected that Mazda would be keen to continue this legacy on for the new model.

8 The RX-9 Interior Should Remain Driver-Focused

Mazda RX-Vision Interior Steering Wheel and Shifter

At the very core of the RX range, regardless of which model or iteration RX you look at, is a driver-focussed sports car. Naturally then, we can expect more of the same, when the RX-9 is finally announced.

A simplistic and modern interior is most likely, with a digital cluster angled towards the driver, with the capabilities of displaying various facts and figures, including live data from under the hood.

If an internal combustion engine is utilized, we’re also quite confident that Mazda would be keen to include a manual transmission. This would no doubt please the analog-loving gearheads that Mazda’s sports car range attracts, and would help the RX-9 to stand out against a sea of EV releases.

7 Here’s What We’d Like To See For Its Interior

Mazda MX5 EV Concept Render
HotCars Photo © 2023 Valnet

The RX-9 won’t be all analog though, as any new release will surely have to include some fancy gadgets in order to compete within the current market. Here are some features that we think Mazda would be wise to include.

Expected Interior Features

  • Adaptive cruise control; commonplace now in most new cars, this advanced cruise control will ensure the RX-9 is practical and efficient on a daily highway commute, helping the model to appeal to a wider audience.
  • Apple CarPlay and Android Auto; compatibility with smartphones like this are expected these days, especially in premium products like the RX-9. When not enjoying a spirited drive down your favorite country road, this sort of connectivity will ensure the cabin is an entertaining place to spend time.
  • Various driving modes would be expected, in particular a sports mode, which would stiffen suspension and sharpen up throttle response. This would help the driver to tailor the RX-9 to their specific driving habits in different circumstances.

6 A Lightweight Construction Is Almost Guaranteed

Mazda Vision Coupe Concept red and silver parked

Mazda have famously kept the weight down on their sports models for a long while now, taking inspiration from the classic two-seater British sports cars from the 1960s. For example, the RX-8 utilized plastic and aluminum to ensure a lightweight construction, which in turn transformed how the coupe handled.

A similar approach is almost guaranteed for the RX-9, and quite possibly Mazda would use carbon-fiber and other advanced materials to keep the curb weight low, especially if hefty electric motors and batteries are being utilized.

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5 Performance Will Likely Dwarf Previous Sports Cars

Mazda RX-Vision concept car red

As we’ve already pointed out above, over a decade has passed since the last RX sports car was available, and since then expectations have moved on somewhat. Here are some rough figures of what we could expect from a 2025 Mazda RX-9 sports car.

Expected Performance

0- 60 MPH

Sub 6 seconds

Top Speed

150 MPH +

Curb Weight

3,500 lbs


300 – 400 horsepower


300 – 350 lb-Ft


Front-engine, all-wheel-drive

4 Could The RX-9 Be All-Wheel-Drive?

Mazda RX-Vision Concept Car red parked

Given the expectations from most new models to have some sort of electrification, be it as a hybrid or full EV, the amount of models switching to all-wheel-drive has been steadily increasing.

For improved performance, it’s likely that (if Mazda adopt EV technology for the RX-9) multiple motors will be used on the new RX sports car, sending power to all 4 corners.

What does this mean for driving enthusiasts? With improved levels of grip, it will be easier to build confidence in an all-wheel-drive RX-9 than a traditional rear-wheel-drive layout, in addition to a more effective all-rounder in adverse conditions.

3 ADAS Technology Will Play A Big Role

2023 Mazda CX-9 iActivesense interior

ADAS technology is a term given by Mazda to their new safety tech, which uses a variety of gadgets (such as radar technology, numerous cameras and lasers) to improve the protection that new models can offer to their occupants. These below features are almost guaranteed to feature on a 2025 RX-9.

Expected Safety Features

  • Radar technology is usually mounted within the front and rear badges of Mazda models, and is used to detect objects in the cars’ path; which can help detect potential accidents.
  • Lasers are also utilized for the same purpose, and are located within the windshield. It’s not a perfect system, as a dirty or streaky windshield con easily obstruct the laser.
  • Cameras are of course self-explanatory, and not only help the car to sense potential accidents, but also make parking easier for the driver, too.

2 How Much Will The 2025 RX-9 Cost?

Estimated Starting MSRP: $70,000 – $100,000

Red Mazda RX-Vision

The clear answer is, nobody knows! It all depends on just how far Mazda wants to go with the new model. For example, if the new RX-9 is kept as a simple combustion engine coupe, we could expect it to kick off from a reasonable $70,000 – although the use of EV technology will push this closer to 6 figures, if Mazda decide to go down that route.

With models like the new CX-90 being released, it’s also clear to see that Mazda are heading in a more premium direction with their latest models, and naturally this two will have an effect on the price of an RX-9.

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1 New RX-9: When We Expect To Find Out More

Mazda RX-Vision Concept red parked

It’s been a couple of years now since that patent was applied for, in relation to the potential engine choice for a new RX-9, which could either mean the engineers have been busy working on an RX-9 project, or that they’ve simply moved on from the idea.

Enthusiasts will no doubt be waiting with bated breath for the next hint of an RX-9 on the way, but currently there is very little to suggest that an RX-9 is on the way any time soon. Unless something has been in the works on the down-low, we think it’s highly unlikely that this highly-anticipated sports car will be launched any sooner than the predicted 2025.

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