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New Audi design chief wants cars without “superfluous ornaments”

Audi on Thursday named Massimo Frascella as its new design chief.

He replaces current chief Marc Lichte who held the role since 2014, and has been assigned a new job within the Volkswagen Group.

Frascella, who officially starts at Audi on June 1, was previously involved with design at JLR dating back to 2011, with his most recent appointment being head of design for both the Jaguar and Land Rover brands. During his time at the British automaker, he was responsible for the designs of key models like the new Defender and Range Rover SUVs.

Frascella studied design at the prestigious Istituto d’Arte Applicata & Design in Turin, Italy, and began his career at former Italian design house and coachbuilder Stile Bertone. He’s also had stints at Ford and Kia.

Massimo Frascella

Massimo Frascella

In a statement, Frascella said his goal for Audi design in the coming years will be to rely on a “timeless and sophisticated” design language that eschews “superfluous ornaments” and doesn’t “follow trends.”

Audi also noted that changing technology, namely electric powertrains, will result in new shapes and functions for its future vehicles, and that Frascella will ensure the vehicles maintain the Audi brand identity with a design language centered on clarity, precision, and perfect proportions.

Frascella’s previous work with the Defender will potentially prove helpful for Audi and its rumored plans to develop a rugged SUV to rival the Defender and other luxury off-roaders. Frascella’s predecessor, Lichte, was the first to mention the possibility of the vehicle during an interview last year.

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