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Palestinians searching for food surround bakeries, aid trucks in Gaza

We’re here on the Palestinian side of the Karam Abu Salem border crossing, which has seen a clear decline in the entry of humanitarian aid into the Gaza Strip since the beginning of the month.

Officials here say the decline is due to demonstrations on the Israeli side of the crossing, organised by the families of Israeli captives in Gaza.

The decline in the quantity of humanitarian aid has reached its lowest level. And that, of course, has a big negative effect on Palestinians in dire need of that aid.

From February 1 to 13, the number of aid trucks was not more than 110, compared with 200 trucks last month.

Israel’s complicated procedures have also played a role in the decrease as well as the late delivery of goods that piled up at the Israeli side of the crossing.

These procedures have worsened the suffering, bearing in mind the already deteriorated humanitarian situation in Gaza.

People protest at the Nitzana border crossing with Egypt in southern Israel on Monday, February 12 [Leo Correa/AP Photo]

This article was originally published by a www.aljazeera.com . Read the Original article here. .

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