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Norris already worked on reducing errors as F1 field tightens

Last year Norris enjoyed his best season to date with McLaren, taking seven podiums to finish sixth in the drivers’ standings, a single point behind Fernando Alonso and Charles Leclerc.

But the self-critical Briton also slated himself for several qualifying mistakes in Q3 which cost him dearly, most notably in Abu Dhabi, Qatar and Brazil. He was also frustrated with himself after being eliminated in Mexico’s Q1 due to exceeding track limits.

After 2023’s final qualifying session in Abu Dhabi Norris said: “I just make so many mistakes on a Saturday at the minute. So yeah, frustrating because I’m just doing a s*** job on Saturday.”

Speaking at the launch of McLaren’s 2024 challenger the MCL38, Norris said he had already poured time into dissecting his mistakes on the simulator, even if he hasn’t been able to turn a wheel in anger yet in his new machine.

“There have been various things already, both in terms of how I drive, how I work in extracting the performance, understanding these traits, and then putting them already to the test on the simulator, and trying to improve them,” the 24-year-old explained ahead of his sixth campaign with the Woking team.

“Sometimes it’s hard to improve various things until you’re actually in the car, but to the extent of what I can, even if it’s mental things and trying to work on any area that I can to improve it, I would say I’ve done.

“It’s always a different experience until you get back in the car and you’re in that moment again under pressure.

“It’s hard to know until the first qualifying of the season how well those things might work and what further things might need to be done to improve in those areas.”

Lando Norris, McLaren, 2nd position, in the Press Conference

Lando Norris, McLaren, 2nd position, in the Press Conference

Photo by: Motorsport Images

As teams converge on similar concepts and the gaps between them continue to close into F1’s third season of stable regulations, Norris pointed out that reducing mistakes to a minimum will be even more crucial as there is no place to hide anymore.

“The later you get into the regulations, the tighter it gets, it’s normally what we see,” he added.

“Even if it was dominated probably more than ever, it was also the tightest from first to last for the majority of the year. If you look at second or third place to the back of the grid, it’s probably even less than half a second.

“I’m sure we’re in for a couple of years which will be some very tight racing.

“When you don’t have a perfect lap or you don’t get something exactly right, at times in the past you could get away with it, whereas I think you’re going to be able to get away with this less and less.

“And that requires fewer mistakes, more hard work and learning and perfection in order to achieve consistent results.”

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