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Alpine’s first EV, the A290, to debut in June

Alpine’s sole vehicle at present is the gas-powered A110 sports car, but the French performance brand is gearing up to launch its first electric vehicle on the road to having a fully electric lineup in only a few short years.

The first EV will be the A290 hot hatch which was previewed last year with the A290 Beta concept and confirmed by Alpine on Monday for a debut in June. The hot hatch will essentially be a tuned version of parent company Renault’s modern 5 hatchback which debuts on Feb. 26 at the 2024 Geneva auto show.

Future Alpines will be distinct from Renault’s offerings, though platforms will likely be shared in some cases. Alpine is also in talks with other automakers, including Zhejiang Geely, about sharing platforms.

In the case of the A290, the platform is the CMF-B EV modular design from the Renault Nissan Mitsubishi Alliance. The platform has been developed for subcompact and compact EVs, and features a multi-link rear suspension, something you don’t always find in a vehicle of this size.

2024 Alpine A290 prototype

2024 Alpine A290 prototype

The A290 measures just 157 inches long, making it only slightly longer than a Mini Cooper. There is still enough space for five seats, according to Alpine.

Prototypes are undergoing final testing in Sweden, up near the Arctic Circle where they can experience temperatures as low as -22 degrees F. The testing is crucial to ensure the battery meets its performance targets in conditions that normally take a toll on range and charging speeds.

Alpine is also evaluating the A290’s handling characteristics in low-grip levels, including with prototypes fitted with bespoke tires developed in partnership with Michelin specifically for the A290.

2024 Alpine A290 prototype

2024 Alpine A290 prototype

There’s a Pilot Alpin 5 winter tire, plus two summer tire options: Michelin’s Pilot Sport EV low-rolling resistance tires and the new Pilot Sport S 5 performance rubber. In each case, the tires will feature an “A29” mark to signify them as suitable for the A290.

Beyond the A290, Alpine is known to be working on a compact crossover and an electric successor to the A110, due around 2025 and 2026, respectively.

Alpine bosses have also hinted at two larger crossovers likely sitting in the same segments as the Porsche Macan and Cayenne. These are expected to arrive beginning in 2027, which is when Alpine plans to enter the U.S. market.

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