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Automotive Lies and Urban Legends: Drive the Bid Podcast | ClassicCars.com Journal

Ever have a friend who tells you an automotive tale that just doesn’t jibe with reality? Or do you keep on stumbling upon bad click-bait online articles from Eastern European car websites with bad information? Maybe there’s that casual meme on Facebook that is patently false, yet brand patriots don’t care about the truth? Then this episode of AutoHunter Drive the Bid Podcast is for you!

Derek Shiekhi and I discuss lame, lying friends and automotive urban legends that lie to the unwitting about the cars we love. Sometimes it’s not intentional but nostalgia has a way of refining history that meets another purpose.

Volkswagen New Beetle RSi (courtesy of Wikipedia)

Our Quick Take features the 2001-03 Volkswagen New Beetle RSi, while a quick profile focuses on pioneering aftermarket hot rodder Ed Iskenderian.

For news, we discuss the station wagon that Volkswagen is not planning to send to America, and the Porsche that Delta Airlines is using to help you make your connection.

Finally, we discuss several vehicles currently listed on AutoHunter that include a hot-rodded 1971 Chevrolet Nova, 2006 Corvette Z06 with 2,800 miles, two-tone 1964 Pontiac GTO, and 1977 GMC C2500 Sierra Classic with a nice mix of options.

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