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Germany’s car industry braces for a new government

The auto industry hopes that talks between the Greens and the FDP on striking a common position before approaching the larger parties will temper some of the Greens’ car policies, aimed at reducing emissions from personal transport.

“Generally, the car industry is quite pleased that it’s not going to be red-red-green [left-wing coalition], because the FDP will put the brakes on the Greens plan for 130-kilometer-per-hour speed limit on the highways,” said Matthias Schmidt, a Berlin-based auto industry analyst.

Driving change

But that doesn’t mean that the industry won’t face change under a new coalition.

If the Greens and FDP team up with the SPD — forming what’s called the “traffic light” coalition — then the transport ministry will no longer belong to the Christian Social Union, the Bavarian sister-party of the Christian Democratic Union of Chancellor Angela Merkel. The CSU has run the ministry since 2009.

Incumbent Transport Minister Andreas Scheuer hails from car-crazy Bavaria, and has made a point of protecting the auto industry. He resisted a ban on internal combustion engines and insisted on remaining open to all technologies, rather than just betting on e-mobility. Earlier this month, he told Bild that the combustion engine with synthetic fuels will be “the engine for innovation” in Germany.

The Greens are reportedly eyeing the ministry — which also covers aviation, shipping, cycling and digital infrastructure. Their big ask is to create a new climate super-ministry with veto power over any other ministry’s decision to ensure all government policy is in line with the Paris climate agreement. 

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