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Car expert shares ‘hidden’ solution to problem everyone faces

A CAR expert says he knows the solution to a problem faced by all motorists who drive in cities.

Many will have had the frustrating experience of hitting their car doors against things as they open them, leaving behind small dents.

Skoda have started using built-in door protectors that pop out when the car door opensCredit: TikTok/Autogefühl
Citroen cars include ‘air bump’ door protectorsCredit: Citreon

French automobile brand Citroen created door protectors – dubbed “air bumps” – to prevent damage to the sides and edges of car doors.

The soft plastic attachments were said to “absorb” most of the dents.

And Czech automobile manufacturer Skoda included an “even better solution” in some of its models, according to car expert Jaime Requeijo Gutierrez.

Mr Gutierrez, Spain‘s general manager of parking provider EasyPark Group, said of the feature: “A small plastic piece that folds out with an easy mechanical trick and covers the edge of the door when it opens, so that it does not leave a dent if it hits other cars.

“And it hides away when the door is closed again, so it does not alter the aesthetics of the car.

“Quite a neat solution I must say.”

He said such door protectors offered a “partial solution to an everyday problem”.

Ford cars also boast an “ingenious door edge protector system” that aims to prevent damage to vehicles in car parks should an opening door swing open and hit other motors.

The protector is supposed to help prevent accidental damage to Ford drivers’ cars, and to the cars of neighbouring vehicles.

A description of the feature on Ford’s website read: “The Door Edge Protectors comprise of a robust plastic strip which automatically pops onto the edge of the door upon opening, protecting it from damage.

‘Save money on spray painting’, cries driver sharing £1 B&M item that can remove scratches on your car in seconds

“When specified, the Door Edge Protectors are fitted on the front and rear doors.

“Ford Door Edge Protectors are available at extra cost as part of the optional Parking Pack.”

Protective strips and “bump guards” for car doors can be purchased on Amazon for prices as low as 99p.

Other hidden features in cars

THESE are some of the most useful hidden features found in modern cars:

  • Conversation Mirror – convex mirrors attached overhead to give drivers a view of the rear seats.
  • Gas tank locator – an icon that pops up on the car’s dashboard to locate the gas tank.
  • Driver Assistance System – assist drivers with the safe operation of a vehicle through a human-machine interface.
  • Heads-up display – a transparent guidance system projecting all the vital driving information at the driver’s viewpoint.
  • Blind-spot monitoring – a system that notifies the driver if another vehicle appears within their blind spot, avoiding risk of a collision.
  • Tyre pressure monitors – a system fitted to a vehicle which constantly monitors the tyre pressures provides a warning incase of imbalance.

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