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First bespoke model in Mercedes’ Mythos series lands in 2025

Mercedes-Benz in 2022 announced a new strategy of focusing on lower-volume but higher-margin vehicles, like those offered through its AMG and Maybach sub-brands.

The strategy will also include the launch of a new Mythos series offering highly bespoke limited-edition cars. The first of these will arrive in 2025, Mercedes CEO Ola Källenius said on Thursday during the automaker’s annual general meeting.

No further details were mentioned but Mercedes in 2022 while announcing the Mythos series revealed a teaser photo of the current AMG SL with a unqiue speedster body sporting nacelles behind the cabin enclosing what’s likely to be rollover hoops.

This may be the first Mythos car, though the SL speedster hasn’t been confirmed for production, so it may only be a concept at this stage.

First model from Mercedes-Benz's new Mythos series debuts in 2025

First model from Mercedes-Benz’s new Mythos series debuts in 2025

Mercedes’ Maybach ultra-luxury division is also known to be working on its own version of the SL. In 2022, Mercedes design chief Gordon Wagener posted a teaser photo to his Instagram page depicting an SL with a unique Maybach-style grille and a hood lined with Maybach logos, though it also isn’t clear whether this was just a concept or a planned production model.

As it attempts to cater to well-heeled buyers looking for something unique, Källenius said Mercedes will also expand the offerings of its personalization service known as Manufaktur. Already, customers can select unique colors and trim options, and in the future there may be more collaborations with luxury brands in other sectors, like the Maybach S-Class limited-edition developed with Virgil Abloh, a former designer for Louis Vuitton.

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