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Toyota Offers $40,000 Off a $67,000 Car – Kelley Blue Book

Toyota is temporarily offering one of the largest discounts we’ve ever seen, but only on a car very few people can use. If your driving keeps you almost entirely in California, this news is for you. For the rest of us, it’s a curiosity on a Friday afternoon.

The 2023 Toyota Mirai Limited starts at $67,095, which includes the destination fee. It’s a lovely sedan with a Lexus-like interior. Our expert test driver says it “prioritizes comfort over performance, and it excels in the comfort category. We love the smooth power delivery and the comfortable, quiet ride.”

The catch? It’s powered by a hydrogen fuel cell. All of America’s hydrogen refueling stations are located in California. Accordingly, Toyota only sells the car there.

However, the number of hydrogen refuel stations in the Golden State is shrinking. Shell recently closed all seven of its hydrogen stations with little notice to customers. Market dynamics seem to be contracting the already-small hydrogen fuel industry.

So, there’s a risk in taking on a Mirai. Toyota tries to help you minimize it by letting customers borrow a gas-powered Toyota for free for up to 21 days in the first three years of ownership.

Buyers also get $15,000 worth of free hydrogen in the first six years.

The $40,000 discount is offered only on 2023 models still in dealer stock. It doesn’t apply to nearly identical 2024 models. Buyers looking at the slightly less well-equipped Mirai XLE will have to content themselves with a mere $22,000 discount.

There’s no deal like it anywhere in the automotive world. Except for perhaps the only other hydrogen-powered car for sale today — the Hyundai Nexo, which has its own $33,000 discount at the moment.

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