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Milwaukee Auto Show rolls into downtown this weekend

MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee Auto Show begins Saturday Feb. 24 at the Baird Center in downtown Milwaukee. The family-friendly nine day event draws people from all over the state of Wisconsin to check out the new models of cars and trucks.

Jason Fogelson is the senior editor of Autotrader. (Spectrum News 1/Wendy Strong)

Jason Fogelson is the senior editor of Autotrader. It’s a website that gives consumers information about the auto industry so they can make informed decisions when buying a vehicle.

Fogelson said it’s been a seller’s market for the past few years, but now things are looking up for car buyers.

“One of the things we see is incentives are rising and prices are falling. That means that manufacturers have better inventory, and they are making an effort to sell cars,” said Fogelson.

Fogelson said auto prices have fallen 5-7% in the past 12 months for new cars. He said the incentives that were non-existent for the past few years are coming back.

“And when I’m talking about incentives, I’m talking about financing deals; I’m also talking about rebates, so getting money back that you can put toward your down payment is a thing again. You’re seeing some 0% interest rates. You are seeing really great lease deals that was absent over the last several years,” said Fogelson.

(Spectrum News 1/Wendy Strong)

Fogelson said manufacturers learned over the course of the pandemic that having a great inventory stock wasn’t a smart financial move, which means fewer cars are on a dealer’s lot.

“You know it costs dealers and it costs the manufacturer to have cars on the lots and every day that a car isn’t sold it’s costing them money, so they make less of a profit the longer the car sits on the lot,” said Fogelson.

Fogelson said the average price for a new car right now is about $47,000.

“And, there are fewer than, I believe, 15 cars on the market that have a list price under $20,000. Years ago… there were over 30 [cars available for under $20,000].”

Deedee Taft is with the Auto Show and said there are cars and trucks in every price range for people to check out. (Spectrum News 1/Wendy Strong)

Deedee Taft is with the Auto Show and said there are cars and trucks in every price range for people to check out. She said it’s a great way to find exactly what you want without going to multiple dealers.

“Really kind of try them on for size; you can’t buy a car here but you can talk to product specialists. You can learn about all the new technologies and really see what may or may not fit your lifestyle and really have some fun while you are doing it,” said Taft.

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