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Dangerous intersection in Highland Park prompts calls for speed humps as crashes pile up

HIGHLAND PARK, Mich. – Another nasty collision occurred at a corner that’s seen more than two dozen crashes, and a senior citizen’s fence was hit and damaged 11 times in Highland Park.

The crash has once again hit the backyard of Isabelle Gaddie along the Davison Service Drive and John R over the weekend.

There should not be that many crashes in the area as there is a light, but drivers are speeding through here, causing the collisions.

“The crash happened last week,” Gaddie said. “I heard it. When the dog starts acting crazy, I know something is wrong, so I say, ‘Oh my God, they done came through my yard again.’ But praise God they didn’t.”

Gaddie snapped the photos because she was used to accidents happening in her backyard.

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Gaddie’s backyard is right on the corner, and she has documented 26 crashes over just the past few months, taking out her fence 11 times.

This time, the crash didn’t end up through her fence as the car with seven kids in it was hit, causing some injuries.

“I believe people, and what I’ve seen is people come off of that freeway, and they are booking, especially if the light is green,” Gaddie said. “And then, if they time that light right, they figured they’ve got the next one, but then comes somebody, and then bang.”

She says the solution to this is to add speed humps.

“Every time I hear it, my stomach just drops because I say, ‘Here we go,’ as I haven’t gotten my fence fix from the last time,” Gaddie said. “It’s just a dangerous corner.”

The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) says this is an issue Highland Park must deal with. Local 4 is working to see if the city has plans to put speed humps there.

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