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A New Toyota 4Runner Is Coming. Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Will the 2025 Toyota 4Runner come with a hybrid engine?

toyota land cruiser engineJason Bax

That’s a bit murky. Back in 2017, Toyota did say it plans to offer a hybrid on every model by 2025. And if the 4Runner is getting the Tacoma’s engine lineup, the Tacoma’s hybrid iForce Max four-cylinder with 326 horsepower and 465 lb-ft of torque would presumably be in play.

The trouble is that hybrid is the standard powertrain for the Land Cruiser. And it’s hard to see a hybrid 4Runner not overlapping with the new Land Cruiser, which is supposed to start around $55,000. The Land Cruiser could, effectively, fill the role of the hybrid 4Runner.

If Toyota does offer a hybrid on the 4Runner, we’d expect it to be limited to upper trims like it is on the Tacoma.

Will the sixth-generation 4Runner get a Trailhunter version?

toyota tacoma trailhunter trim perched on rocksTyler Duffy

Toyota has introduced a new Trailhunter premium grade for its trucks and SUVs. It’s oriented more toward rock crawling and overlanding while the TRD Pro is more of a Baja-style desert runner. The 4Runner66 post notes that the 2025 4Runner will get a TRD Pro trim. We’d be surprised if Toyota did not include a Land Cruiser.

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