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The Apple Car Is Reportedly Dead

Computer and mobile hardware giant Apple’s decade-long plan to build an electric car has been something of an open secret since 2015. In the nine years since, the brand has undergone a cycle of apparent cancelation, revival, and partnerships that never materialized. That process has now reportedly returned to what seems to be one final cancelation.

Bloomberg reports that the company internally announced the end of the project on Tuesday. In a corresponding move, many members of the reportedly 2000-strong cars team will now move over to generative AI projects already underway internally.

Over the past decade of development and delays, rumors and reports have suggested that Apple’s plan was to build a luxury EV with major autonomous capabilities. In the years that have followed, the car industry has been overwhelmed with a wide variety of luxury EV options while publicly available autonomous car development has slowed significantly. Level 3 autonomy is a rarity, and even the Mercedes cars approved for sale with the technology only offer the feature at limited speeds and on specific roads. That makes one component of the Apple pitch closer to impossible in the present than not, all while the other looks less and less special by the day.

Bloomberg reported last month that the brand was looking at a car that would debut in 2028 with less than Level 3 autonomous capabilities. That would make it both very late and far from state-of-the-art. With that reality in mind, continuing the project made very little sense for the brand.

Apple’s stock is up by a margin of less than 1 percent following the news, suggesting that investors are content with the brand’s decision to cancel its ambitions of breaking into the car industry. If you want to experience Apple software while driving, many companies still integrate the company’s excellent and recently upgraded CarPlay interface into their infotainment systems. We still do not recommend using the brand’s Vision Pro goggles while driving, though.

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