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LeTourneau University’s 47th Annual Car Show Drives Support for New Mexico Mission Trip

The LeTourneau University Automotive Society hosted its 47th annual car show, turning a sunny Saturday into a nostalgic and charitable gathering. Alumni, students, and car enthusiasts congregated across from the Longview campus, showcasing over 20 classic and modified vehicles to support a spring break mission trip to New Mexico.

Revving Up Support

Bernard Banzhalf, the founder of the first LeTourneau car show in 1976, journeyed from Wichita, Kansas, in his white Chevy SS to attend this year’s event. The car show, which once filled the chapel building with 30 to 40 cars, now serves as a bridge connecting past and present members of the LeTourneau community. Mark Auren, a 1985 graduate and Longview resident, reflected on the event as a “mini reunion,” reminiscing about the camaraderie and shared passions of the 1980s.

Passion Projects on Display

Among the attendees was newcomer Corey Hall, a 27-year-old Longview resident who brought his 1972 Ford F100, modified with custom twin-turbo chargers. Hall, drawn by an advertisement, highlighted the inclusive atmosphere of the show, welcoming both seasoned alumni and first-time participants with open arms. His participation underscored the event’s role in fostering a community bound by a love for automotive innovation and restoration.

A Mission-Driven Gathering

Lara Rose, LeTourneau’s Director of Alumni Engagement, emphasized the charitable aspect of the car show. The funds raised from the event are earmarked for sending students to a summer camp in New Mexico, demonstrating the university’s commitment to community service and engagement. This blend of nostalgia, community, and charity encapsulates the spirit of the LeTourneau car show, making it more than just a display of automotive beauty but a mission-driven gathering.

As the engines cooled and the sun set on another successful event, the LeTourneau University Automotive Society’s car show proved once again to be a vital link between past and present, hobbyists and philanthropists. It stands as a testament to the power of community and shared passions in driving forward meaningful causes.

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