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Car industry told to dial back use of touchscreens

Carmakers that are increasingly forcing motorists to use dashboard touchscreens for basic driving functions such as checking speed and adjusting mirrors will be penalised under rules designed to stop motorists from becoming dangerously distracted.

Mercedes, Tesla and Volkswagen are among the manufacturers scrapping many conventional hands-on controls. Instead, drivers have to interact with a touchscreen, typically sited to the left of the steering wheel, which means they must look away from the road.

Under the rules, to be introduced in January 2026, any car seeking maximum points for the highest safety rating of five stars must use buttons, stalks or dials for five critical tasks: indicating directions, triggering hazard lights, sounding the horn, operating windscreen wipers and activating the eCall SOS function, which automatically calls

This article was originally published by a www.thetimes.co.uk . Read the Original article here. .

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