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Kowall: Biden’s green agenda is killing Michigan’s auto industry

Why does the Biden administration seem intent on killing the Michigan auto industry?

During the 2020 election, President Joe Biden ran on a promise of “build, back, better.” He promised his agenda to bring back blue-collar jobs and small businesses would be one of the most ambitious and impressive overhauls of the United States infrastructure system ever, akin to the New Deal signed by President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the 1930s to pull the United States out of the Great Depression.

Many were excited to see what Biden would have in store. Yet, ever since he was sworn in, the tenets of “build, back better” have long been forgotten; instead, this administration has been trying to jumpstart the Green Revolution at all costs.

Just weeks ago, the administration paused exports of liquified natural gas — the type of fuel that many heavy-duty trucks produced in Michigan use. This decision came on the heels of the administration’s strict new greenhouse gas emission requirements. It revised the National Ambient Air Quality Standards for particulate matter to a full 25% lower than they were under the Obama administration.

The Biden administration also announced that it wants emissions in 2032 vehicle models to be reduced by more than half of what they will be in 2026 models. And while the White House has talked up these moves as ways to bolster the renewable energy industry, Michigan residents have cried foul.

Matt Grossman, director of Michigan State University’s Institute for Public Policy and Social Research said, “I would say there is definitely fear that the future of the auto industry is not going to be based in Michigan.”

Michigan’s union auto workers recently expressed the same fears to The New York Times.

Their concerns are valid. Building EVs requires fewer workers and parts, and workers receive less compensation than they would to construct traditional cars. Considering EVs are stacking up at dealerships, and the first Chinese-made ones have landed on American shores, it could be catastrophic to the Michigan automotive industry.

President Biden says he is a pro-labor president, so he should be more concerned over this prospect than he appears to be.

This administration’s actions against the state auto industry feel performative because the target numbers appear arbitrary, and achieving the environmental goals that the White House has released will be impossible unless the sector is completely gutted.

The United States has already cut the six most prevalent NAAQS pollutants by 78% since 1970 and the worst particulate matter by 40% since 1990. So, is it really necessary for the Biden administration to take an entire industry of extreme importance to one of the six key presidential battleground states to task at this time and under these conditions?

No, it’s not.

Its efforts are killing economic and job growth in our state, making it far more difficult for American families to own and operate automobiles. For all these reasons, the administration should pump the breaks on its destructive anti-auto agenda while it still can.

Mike Kowall served in the Michigan House of Representatives from 1999-2002 and the Michigan Senate from 2011-2018, where he served as Majority Floor Leader and a member of the Energy & Technology Committee.

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