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40 under 40 Honoree: Megan Bush Del Pizzo | Tom Bush Family of Dealerships

Megan Bush Del Pizzo is the vice president of the Tom Bush Family of Dealerships in Jacksonville, Florida. A full-time working mother and a fourth-generation dealer, she has been instrumental to the company’s success, leveraging her expertise, passion, and knowledge to drive the business forward every day. Recently, Del Pizzo became one of multiple nominees to receive the CBT News 40 Under 40 Award, recognizing her contributions to the retail automotive sector. To learn more about her professional journey and her plans for the future, Del Pizzo joins CBT News anchor Shyann Malone for an exclusive interview.

Key Takeaways

1. Del Pizzo’s experience as a fourth-generation car dealer illustrates the deep integration of family values and business operations. Her narrative of bringing her child to the dealership and creating a nurturing environment at her workplace underscores the strength of a good work-life balance and how personal and professional lives can be integrated seamlessly with enough care and effort.

2. Del Pizzo highlights the evolving role of women in the automotive industry, a traditionally male-dominated field. Her leadership position and aspirations to grow her family’s dealership network emphasize the increasing influence and contribution of women in shaping the future of the automotive sector.

3. Its focus on community involvement and the desire to grow the business within Northeast Florida reflects the Tom Bush group’s commitment to local development and reciprocity. Del Pizzo emphasizes the importance of being a community member, not just a business person, showcasing a business philosophy that values giving back to the community that has supported their family business for over five decades.

Read Megan Bush Del Pizzo’s complete CBT News 40 Under 40 profile here.

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