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Android Auto now shows apps that only work when parked

Android Auto is introducing a handful of tweaks in its latest updates, including showing a status indicator on apps that only work when your car is parked.

Apps on Android Auto can serve a number of purposes, but some are only available when the vehicle is completely stopped and parked. One of the most widely available examples of this is GameSnacks, a collection of touchscreen games available to Android Auto users and in place primarily for electric vehicles as a form of entertainment while the vehicle is charging.

With GameSnacks and other apps, if you can only use the app while the vehicle is in motion, you’ll get an error message saying it needs to be in park. But, previously, that notice only appeared when you tried to open the app.

Now, Android Auto shows a “P” icon on any app that requires the vehicle to be parked. It’s a minor adjustment, and one presented without any context, but it’s useful nonetheless. The app’s icon also turns gray while you’re driving.

This appears to be widely available as of Android Auto 11.4, as spotted first by SmartDroid.

Also in Android Auto 11.4, Google is finally widely launching message summaries, as we covered yesterday.

These updates are rolling out now, but you may need to check the Play Store for updates.

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