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Car manufacturers could scrap modern feature over safety concerns

Drivers who love their touchscreen dashboards might have to say goodbye to them in the near future. Car companies may need to swap touchscreens for old-fashioned buttons soon.

By 2026, important safety features in cars will have to be controlled by real buttons, not screens. Safety expert Richard Schram from Euro NCAP said: “Euro NCAP will indeed incentivise OEMs to have physical, easy-to-use, and tactile controls of the main driving features like wipers, warning lights, and indicators.”

Euro NCAP, which makes sure cars are safe, says that by 2026, they will tell car makers to use buttons instead of touchscreens for important things. Matthew Avery from Euro NCAP said: “The overuse of touchscreens is an industry-wide problem.”

He also said: “Almost every vehicle-maker moving key controls onto central touchscreens, obliging drivers to take their eyes off the road and raising the risk of distraction crashes. New Euro NCAP tests due in 2026 will encourage manufacturers to use separate, physical controls for basic functions in an intuitive manner, limiting eyes-off-road time and therefore promoting safer driving.”, reports Birmingham Live.

Starting in 2026, Euro NCAP’s ratings will give points for cars that are simple to use. Mr Schram said it “will include 5 out of 100 points under Safe Driving to push manufacturers to have intuitive, easy-to-use vehicle controls”.

He also mentioned: “In future protocols, this might increase in importance in the rating scheme”. Mr Avery added: “As this work is in progress, we have not yet finalized the evaluation procedure.” He told the Verge, “However, it is our intention to adopt these new requirements in 2026 as stated and the vehicle manufacturers are aware and are in support of the initiative.”

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