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Homes damaged in Allegheny County neighborhood after garbage truck bursts into flames

IMPERIAL, Pa. (KDKA) – Homeowners are now dealing with melted siding to their homes along with other damage after a garbage truck went up in flames this morning in the Imperial Ridge development in Imperial. 

“I came out, saw what was going on, and it started out small, kind of like a campfire, next thing you know, it started exploding,” one homeowner recalled. 

The fire led to broken windows and melted siding on some of the homes in the neighborhood. 

According to the driver, he noticed some flames coming from the engine but was unable to get a fire extinguisher fast enough to stop the fire. 

What remained of a Waste Management truck after it caught fire on March 7, 2024


From then on, it didn’t take long to trigger an explosion. 

“Unfortunately, the tank when it blew the relief valve was pointed toward my son’s house and it was heading right toward his house,” said Duke Mulvihill. “The heat will travel and that’s what it’ll do. It melted some of the siding and did damage. The shockwave or a piece of debris broke one of my son’s windows too. It’s all good, though. It could’ve been worse.” 

The driver was able to safely escape the truck and investigators are now looking into what may have caused the fire. 

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