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Rivian reveals R3, R3X electric SUVs as surprise siblings to R2 – Autoblog

At the reveal of the Rivian R2, a smaller counterpart to the R1S electric SUV, company CEO RJ Scaringe delivered a surprise sibling to the new ute, called the R3. It’s quite cute, with a similar face to the R1S and R2, but with some definite difference in dimensions. And if that weren’t enough of a bonus, Rivian also revealed a sporty R3X version.

The midsize R3 is even an smaller SUV than the R2, with tighter dimensions and smaller overhangs. Its wheelbase is shorter than the R2 by 135 millimeters (5.3 inches). In addition to the more compact dimensions, the rear of the car stands out quite a bit from the boxy R2 and R1S with a raked window on the liftgate.

Not only that, but that window section can open separately while the rest of the liftgate closed, allowing easy access inside, providing fresh air or allowing it to accommodate longer cargo, like a surfboard, as Scaringe told the audience. Rivian calls this feature “flipper glass,” as it flips up from the rear.

The R3 takes other cues from the R2. All rows, including the first row, folds flat, allowing for easier camping inside the vehicle with an air mattress. Like the R2, the R3 features not one, but two glove boxes, as well as a frunk, and even a flashlight stashed in the door. While we don’t have full powertrain specifics yet, the R3 will offer single-, dual- and triple-motor setups and a driving range of over 300 miles.

What’s more, Scaringe also trotted out another vehicle on stage, called the R3X. Based on the R3, the R3X features a wider wheel and tire, wider stance, and a sporty tri-motor setup. The expample revealed is distinguishable from the R3 with colorful orange mirror caps and a colorful interior. Scaringe said Rivian refers to this interior as “rugged playful,” and it uses intersting materials and textures like cork and various weaves.

We don’t know the production timing of the R3 models, but Scaringe said R2 deliveries will begin in the first half of 2026 as it ramps up production at its factory in Normal, Illinois. Additionally, Rivian said on its Facebook page that the R3 will have a lower starting price than the R2. The R2 will start at $45,000, so the R3 will start at less than that. Of course the question is, how much less? We’ll keep our eyes peeled for answers to that question and more about the R2, R3 and R3X over the coming months and possibly years.

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