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Apple Car’s Wake: New Report Details Deal with Mercedes, Ford, Tesla, and Steve Job’s

A new Apple Car report details the previous deals and collaborations by Apple to bring its first vehicle to the world, now letting the world know more about the renowned ambitious project, especially as it was canceled earlier this year. This involved talks and partnerships between Apple and renowned car brands like Mercedes-Benz, General Motors, Ford, Tesla, and more. 

However, there were also several details behind Steve Jobs’ early plans for this, back when he was still the CEO and leader of the company he co-founded.

Apple Car’s Wake: Reports on Deal with Mercedes, Tesla, Ford, and MORE

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Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman delivered a new report that tackled the past deals, talks, and what could have been for the Apple Car, also known as the Project Titan which was recently reported to be canceled. 

First off, one of its most significant partners and one that it had the most promising talks with was Mercedes-Benz, best known for Daimler AG’s ownership. However, while both companies worked on this electric car project, Mercedes wanted to use Apple’s proprietary self-driving technology for their cars, from which Cupertino withdrew. 

Around a decade ago, Apple’s massive value gave it the means to purchase companies to develop the Apple Car, with the company coming close to buying McLaren, but did not push through. Also, there were reports about its plans to buy Tesla. 

Apple also talked with Ford, with the Apple Car to be sold under the Lincoln brand, but it went south early.

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Steve Jobs Had a Plan for the Apple Car

It was also said that the Steve Jobs era Apple in 2008 also floated the idea of creating an Apple Car, and this was amidst the financial crisis of the year when American car companies were in deep waters. Jobs reportedly planned to acquire General Motors and begin their journey as car makers, but the former CEO backed down, saying it was not yet time, and decided to focus on the iPhone development. 

The iPod’s father, Tony Fadell, also confirmed this Apple Car plan with Jobs during those times. 

Apple Car, a.k.a. Project Titan through the Years

While the famed Apple Car project from 2014 was known for being under the tutelage of current CEO Tim Cook, the new report claimed that the original Apple father, Steve Jobs, once planned to bring this under his direction. The early days of the Apple Car is best known for its plans to purchase the young Tesla company from Elon Musk, for $75 billion in 2015

That did not push through as both are still separate entities. 

Since Project Titan‘s early speculations, it was regarded as an electric car, one that would focus on Level 5 autonomy for its fully self-driving features. 

It was initially set for a 2021 release, but that did not come, and it bounced from various manufacturer partnerships from Kia, Hyundai, BMW, Porsche, and more. 

Amidst the ramping development of the Apple Car and its possible testing, industry analysts and insiders claimed that Cupertino already scrapped Project Titan and would no longer be developed. The report now comes in Apple Car’s wake, detailing the supposed deals for the company and its partners that would develop the car, and ultimately, Steve Jobs who initially envisioned his company to join the car industry. 

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