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‘I was angry in that moment’: Box truck driver hit by pursuit suspect speaks out

The driver of a box truck who attempted to stop another box truck driver during a wild pursuit in Los Angeles earlier this week said he unknowingly joined the chase and was just trying to stop the man who struck his vehicle.

Roy Perdomo was driving a box truck on Wednesday in Thousand Oaks when he was suddenly rear-ended by another box truck that was trying to evade officers.

“He hit me first,” Perdomo said. “He broke my right mirror, right fender and he pulled the front.”

A stolen box truck driver weaved through traffic and hit another box truck Wednesday March 6, 2024.

The victim admits he was upset the other driver struck him and fled. Determined to make him stop or at least document the other driver’s license plate, Perdomo, unaware the other driver was in the middle of a police chase, took matters into his own hands and tried to stop the suspect, himself.

“I got to admit, I was angry in that moment,” Perdomo said. “Saw the helicopter, Highway Patrol behind us.”

Once he realized he inadvertently joined a pursuit, Perdomo immediately stopped. When he returned to work, he and his boss saw footage of the chase.

Eventually, the pursuit suspect ditched the stolen box truck and attempted to evade officers on foot but was eventually arrested. Law enforcement has not released that individual’s name or detail what charges they may face.

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