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Marko could face suspension amid fresh Red Bull investigation

In a dramatic development to the saga surrounding Red Bull team principal Christian Horner, it has emerged that Marko may face disciplinary action as the result of a fresh investigation that has been launched against him.

Just 24 hours after the female employee at the centre of the allegations made against Horner was suspended as a consequence of the findings of the probe into the matter, Marko is now under the spotlight.

Motorsport.com has learned that Marko is subject to an investigation by Red Bull relating to various media leaks that have taken place since it emerged that Horner was being looked at by Red Bull’s energy drinks company.

The investigation remains ongoing, and no conclusion has been reached regarding whether or not Marko breached team protocol at all.

However, if he is found guilty of having released confidential information to the media then he could face disciplinary action.

Marko told Austrian broadcaster ORF that there was a chance he could be absent from the next race in Australia.

Asked about the possibility of a suspension being imposed from Monday, Marko said: “I’ll put it this way, it’s difficult to judge, or let’s put it this way, ultimately, I’ll decide for myself what I do. The theoretical possibility always exists.”

He added: “I think it’s such a complex issue. Again, we want peace in the team. This world championship will be difficult enough with 24 races and we have to concentrate on that.”

With Red Bull starting to probe deeper into the events of recent weeks and how certain information found its way into the public domain, Marko said that engine partner Honda had also been requesting answers over what has been going on with regards to the investigation.

Talking about what Honda wanted, Marko said: “That’s internal, but they want a clear statement about what really happened.

“But the most important thing is that we get back to the sporting side of things, and that the team concentrates on what is important. That’s working quite well at the moment.”

The situation surrounding Marko is significant because it has emerged in recent days that his presence at the team could be critical to Max Verstappen’s own future.

It has been suggested that there is a clause in Verstappen’s contract that would allow him to leave if Marko departs – which is why the veteran Austrian thinks it is critical that the situation is sorted soon.

Marko said: “Max is certainly the strongest asset that the team has. There is no faster driver at the moment and if we were to lose him, it would be an incredible loss, because of course there are also an incredible number of mechanics, including engineers, who are all working incredibly hard for Max.

“I think it’s quite logical and clear that Max is the most important part of the team.

Red Bull has declined to comment on the matter when approached by Motorsport.com.

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