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UCI partners with Karma Automotive to address industry climate concerns – Irvine Standard

California leads the nation in electric vehicle sales. The percentage of new all-electric automobiles sold in our state soared from 2% to nearly 22% over the past five years. A recent California rule requires newly manufactured light-duty vehicles to meet a zero-emissions standard by 2035. 

To further its commitment to a climate-resistant future, Irvine-based Karma Automotive recently announced a strategic partnership with UC Irvine’s Resilience and Adaptation Development in California initiative. This alliance meets both entities’ goals to bring commercially promising and environmentally sustainable technologies into the industry in practical ways. As part of the collaboration, the luxury electric car company will provide funding over a two-year period. 

“Today, many companies partner extensively with universities for research and discovery,” says Ryan Mahar, director of marketing and communications for UCI’s Beall Applied Innovation. “Our primary function is to ensure intellectual property developed on campus finds its way into society, where it can make a difference.”

Researchers will address four key concerns: electric mobility, energy efficiency, sustainable materials, and improved manufacturing processes. They’ll also explore the environmental impacts of each proposed technology. 

“The partnership with Karma Automotive highlights UCI’s commitment to deepening our work with industry,” says UCI Chief Innovation Officer Errol Arkilic. “We invite other like-minded companies to join us on this exciting journey.”

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