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New BMW iX3 spotted: Neue Klasse SUV coming in 2025

This is the new BMW iX3, and it’s an electric SUV which will be based on the brand’s Neue Klasse collection of parts. Read on for all you need to know.

  • New BMW iX3 spotted
  • Electric SUV inspired by the Neue Klasse concept
  • Similar styling cues to that car
  • Could have over 380 miles of range
  • On sale in 2025

Back in 2023, BMW unveiled the Neue Klasse concept. It’s an electric car which previews a bunch of new EV technology which will make its way into productions cars from 2025, the first of which looks to be the new iX3 SUV.

This new Mercedes EQC alternative has been spotted out and about during development testing, and it looks as though many of the styling cues from the saloon concept will make it onto this SUV. You’ll find out when it’s revealed in 2025.

New BMW iX3 design

Pictured below is the BMW Neue Klasse (pronounced Noyer Classer) concept from last year. While it won’t go into production in this form, it’ll form the basis of almost every new BMW electric car from 2025.

The first production car to be based on this concept isn’t a slinky saloon, it is in fact the new iX3 electric SUV. This car has been spotted by Carwow’s spy photographers during development testing, and you can see a few design cues poking out of that wrap which are shared with the concept car.

Those who are still offended by the massive buck teeth on the BMW M3 and M4 will be pleased to see them gone from this iX3 prototype, with it getting wide, thin kidney grilles across the bonnet. It looks a little but like the vizor front end you get on Vauxhalls.

It has a similar side profile to the BMW iX, with a slightly slab-sided silhouette and a curvy design. The wheels on this prototype are the same as the ones you can get on the BMW 7 Series, although this could just be for testing purposes.

There’s not much to see at the rear of the new iX3. It appears to have a less angular look compared to the current car, but that’s about all you can make out for now.

New BMW iX3 batteries and range

While there are no specific details around batteries for the new BMW iX3, cars based on the Neue Klasse platform will get a new generation of battery packs with more range and faster charging.

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The Neue Classe concept has a new type of cylindrical battery which is more power dense, leading to a 30% increase in range compared to current BMW EVs. The current BMW iX3 has 290 miles of range, so this new one could be able to manage more than 380 miles on a charge.

BMW also says that these new batteries can charge up to 30% faster than the current crop of electric cars from the brand, meaning 10-80% could be dealt with in as little as 20 minutes.

When can I buy a new BMW iX3?

Cars based on the Neue Klasse concept are due to start going on sale in 2025, and that’s likely to apply to the new iX3 as well. If you fancy this new electric SUV, expect to part with around £70,000, a modest increase over the current iX3.

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