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Our Top Highlights From The 2024 New York International Auto Show

Key Takeaways

  • New York Auto Show features classic cars, custom vehicles, and exciting concept debuts to impress car enthusiasts.
  • The show highlights advanced concepts, new model debuts, and previews of upcoming vehicles from various manufacturers.
  • Notable vehicles showcased include Polestar 4, Genesis Neolun, Stephen Wiltshire Bentley Bentayga, and Michael Strahan’s cars.

For 124 years, the New York International Auto Show has been one of the premier events for manufacturers to display their new production vehicles and impress the public with dazzling concept cars and what we can expect to see arriving in dealer showrooms.

What is truly exciting for car enthusiasts is that there are classic cars and custom vehicles on display, too. HotCars’ Jean Bernard was thrilled to be on-site at the Jacob Javits Convention Center to see the exciting offerings and document the experience! The New York Auto Show is open from March 29th until April 7th.

Exciting Cars Debuting At The New York International Auto Show

The show has technologically advanced and futuristic concepts to vintage vehicles and exotics, including Elvis Presley’s 1971 Stutz Blackhawk and Tracy Morgan’s LaFerrari. And, not to be outdone by other concept debuts such as the 2024 Easter Jeep Safari. There were also previews of new model debuts, such as the 2024 Acura ZDX EV Type S, Honda Pilot Elite, Honda Pilot Trailsport, Honda Prologue EV, and Volkswagen ID.Buzz Microbus”.

New Cars at New York International Auto Show

  • Refreshed Hyundai Tucson PHEV
  • Refreshed Hyundai Santa Cruz
  • New Mini Cooper S
  • Polestar 4
  • New Infiniti QX80
  • Kia K4
  • New Nissan Kicks
  • Porsche Macan EV
  • Genesis GV60 and G80 Magma concepts


20 Best Concept Cars, Ranked

Are you curious about the best concept cars out there? Here, we present some of the most innovative and extraordinary designs in the industry.

The Genesis X Gran Berlinetta Concept

Genesis X Concept_NYAIS 2024
Credit: HotCars

If this concept looks like it’s straight out of a video game, well, it is. Created specifically for Sony’s Gran Turismo series, the X Gran Berlinetta looks like it could also have been developed for Tron. It has a yoke-style steering wheel and minimalist interior, is wrapped in sumptuously flowing sheetmetal and bright orange paint, and is powered by a 1,071 horsepower hybrid V6 powertrain.

While enthusiasts may bristle at the word, “hybrid,” keep in mind that Genesis claims that V6 will rev to 10,000 rpm. Genesis is serious about performance, and the upcoming Magma performance line is how the brand plans on proving it.

Hyundai Ioniq 5 N

Hyundai Ioniq 5 N with Jean Bernard at New York International Auto Show
Credit: HotCars

If you watched the video above, you know that Jean got a ride in the Ioniq 5 N, a performance EV set to silence EV skeptical gearheads. If you didn’t watch the video, Jean got to experience the full force of this 641-horsepower electric brute, which reaches 60 mph in a claimed 2.1 seconds. While it’s built on the same platform as the Kia EV6 GT, it’s considerably more powerful and, if the manufacturer’s claims are accurate, will reach 60 mph more than a second quicker, too.

Polestar 4

When Volvo bought Polestar in 2015, it quickly became that brand’s AMG or M. Now, Polestar is its own division and is dedicated to producing fabulously quirky vehicles of its own. Take the Polestar 4, for example, which is (as the name suggests) the 4th Polestar model and will come in a variety of all-electric flavors, from a single-motor long-range example with 268 horsepower to a 536 horsepower dual-motor tire smoker.

But, powerful EVs are no longer novel. What is unique is the lack of rear window. The only view the driver has out back are the side mirrors and the rearview camera. When the Polestar 4 SUV took the stage at the New York Auto Show, it felt like a spaceship landed.

Genesis Neolun

Genesis Neolun Concept
Credit: HotCars

The Neolun is a rolling tuxedo, a stunningly sleek EV SUV that feels like a Star-Trek Rolls-Royce. The name “Neolun” comes from neo, the Greek word for “new,” and luna, which is Latin for “moon.” It shares the same distinctive shallow triangular grill as the X Gran Berlinetta Coupe.

The coach doors have no visible handles and there’s no B-pillar between them, allowing for a vast open space for simple ingress and egress. Inside, the front seats can swivel 180 degrees and face backward toward the rear captain’s chairs. How much of the advanced features will transfer to the much-anticipated GV90 remains to be seen.


Chrysler Looks To The Future With Fully Electric 4-Door Halcyon Concept

The Chrysler Halcyon Concept offers a peek into the brand’s all-electric future while ensuring it employs mostly sustainable materials.

2025 Infiniti GX80

2025 Infiniti QX80 Signature at New York International Auto Show
Credit: HotCars

We’ve already written about the 2025 Infiniti GX80’s luxurious interior and gorgeous exterior, but the New York International Auto Show finally lets people see that sharply creased sheet metal in person. The top-spec version will cost north of $100,000 and feature advanced features such as My Parking Locations, Front Wide View, and Biometric Cooling2.

Stephen Wiltshire Bentley Bentayga

Bentley Bentayga with Stephen Wiltshire artwork
Credit: HotCars

This Alpine green Bentley Bentayga dubbed the “Belonging Bentayga” features incredible illustrations from autistic savant artist Stephen Wiltshire. All the illustrations were done completely by memory. The Belonging Bentayga is meant to demonstrate Bentley’s commitment to inclusivity and diversity. Any 2024 Bentley Bentayga is a stunner, but this one goes above and beyond.


The Coolest Concept Cars In The World, Ranked

These are the concept cars that make us look forward to the future the most.

Michael Strahan’s Porsche, Lamborghini, and Ferrari

Football legend and TV personality Michael Strahan brought a few of his favorite cars to the New York Auto Show, including his red Lamborghini LM002 (the Rambo Lambo), and a Tedson Motors-built Porsche 911 restomod (think Singer Porsche). Unlike a Singer DLS, which some refer to as Porsche 911 perfection, or any other current-production 911 for that matter, this one’s a hybrid with 570 hp.

HotCars To Take You Inside The 2025 The New York Auto Show

Nissan_NYAIS 2024
Credit: HotCars

We were thrilled to be able to get inside the press preview days of the New York International Auto Show, and we can’t wait to show you what unreal vehicles will be there in 2025. Stay tuned for some HotCars exclusive features and interviews from the show.

Sources: HotCars, The Street, Genesis

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