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Redesigned 2025 or 2026 Dodge Durango Shows Its Ritzy Colors, Albeit Only in CGI

Over the years, Dodge has sold just three generations of the Durango nameplate after its arrival in 1997 as the spiritual successor to the Dodge Town Wagon and Dodge Ramcharger.
The latter has since been revived by the Ram division of Stellantis as an intermediate step between the ICE-powered 2025 Ram 1500 Hurricane models and the Ram 1500 REV with range-extender and plug-in abilities. Meanwhile, the Dodge Durango was first a mid-size traditional SUV from 1998 to 2003, then turned into a full-size SUV during the second generation, and eventually settled into its new mid-size crossover SUV persona since the arrival of the WD series third generation during the summer of 2010.

Obviously, the WD Durango has been quite long-lived since it’s already available for the 2024 model year, starting at $41,670 with lots of trims – up to the $107,200 SRT Hellcat Premium. However, even this overabundance of trims – there are 15 of them and some of them can also be had with 4×2, not just AWD – can’t hide the fact that it is starting to grow a little long in the tooth and might need an all-new, fully redesigned successor as fast as possible.

At least that’s what the rumor mill and the imaginative realm of digital car content creators believe, especially since Stellantis has an all-new STLA Large platform ready for action and already set to underpin the eighth generation 2024 Dodge Charger Daytona EVs and 2025 Dodge Sixpack models. Naturally, everyone and their mother believes that Dodge will adopt the new standards – EV powertrains plus 3.0-liter Hurricane inline-six twin-turbo – for the next-gen Durango, too.

That’s also logical – it would help them with economies of scale and reign in on the massive cost of the upcoming EV revolution. However, the design is not yet set in stone, at least not officially. Instead, some members of the parallel universes of vehicular CGI think they already know a thing or two about the upcoming Dodge Durango style.

More precisely, the good folks over at the AutoYa info channel on YouTube have imagined the CGI looks of the rumored upcoming 2025 or 2026 Dodge Durango mid-size CUV with various styling inputs from the 2024 Charger models – both inside and outside. Suppose the cockpit might get snatched as it is with subtle adaptations for the more practical nature of the Durango. In that case, the exterior, meanwhile – at least in this unofficial presentation – is a mix between the current CUV and the new design paradigm of the latest Charger.

So, do you like it? Also, if this is going to be the next Dodge Durango, which is your favorite color, and what powertrain will you choose – EV or inline-six Hurricane?

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