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New Buick Enclave and Future SUVs Will Keep Wildcat Design Alive

Has the design transformation worked? So far, things are looking good. Buick’s first-quarter performance for 2024 is a 10.3% improvement year over year, and in 2023, the brand’s sales were up 61% compared to 2022.

The new Envista, specifically, is really driving sales. It’s the No. 1 conquest nameplate across the entirety of GM right now, meaning this swoopy SUV is bringing lots of new customers to the brand. In fact, the company says around 70% of its current sales are from first-time Buick buyers.

What’s next after the Enclave? More SUVs; the brand has no plans to reintroduce sedans to its lineup. At an event at GM’s technical center in Michigan last week, Buick showed design studies of both a compact and midsize crossover, one of which could possibly launch in 2025 as Buick kicks off its EV era. We can’t tell you anything else about these future products just yet. But rest assured, Wildcat design will be alive and well in Buick’s portfolio for years to come.

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