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‘This is nothing new’: Residents speak on dangerous speeding

Taylor Harris and Megan Mueller

ST. LOUIS – Neighbors on Riverview Boulevard in north St. Louis reported seeing a car speed down the street, hit a light pole, and go airborne, crashing into the front of a home Tuesday evening.

“Here’s a guy that tried to pass up a car, side-swipe the street light, go up the sidewalk and he goes airborne,” one anonymous witness said. “Driving maybe 80 to 100 mph.”

Residents stated that the driver appeared to be intoxicated and they saw several small alcohol bottles along the pathway of the crash. While paramedics were en route, neighbors pulled the driver from the vehicle, who is believed to be in his 60s.

“A few men came together and dragged him out the car. He was just gushing blood. Knotted up, head bleeding, all of that,” one neighbor said. “He tried to say a few words, but you know, he wasn’t as coherent to really know what was going on.”

According to neighbors, the driver did not want first responders to assist him, but an ambulance did take him to the hospital. The homeowner stated she is in the process of rehabbing the home for occupancy.

Neighbors say speeding has been an ongoing issue for decades.

“You see these dumpsters out in the street? We call ourselves putting our own little roadblocks out there to stop cars from driving all up on the sidewalk. They still knock down the trash cans anyway,” said one witness. 

In March 2024, the mayor’s office shared a visual displaying the city’s fatal and injury vehicle crash hot spots from 2018–2021. Riverview Boulevard and W. Florissant Avenue were listed as the 13th worst hot spot in the city.

“Side swipe, hit, or somebody speeding and that nonstop all day every day,” a neighbor said.

“Anybody that knows Riverview, this is nothing new to them,” another resident said.

Those who saw the accident and live nearby stated that they hope that the City of St. Louis and public officials will put up more stop signs and stop lights throughout Riverview Boulevard to prevent these kinds of crashes.

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